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Expect the unexpected: security and risk management for event organizers

International events are facing greater challenges than ever before. International issues such as civil unrest, terrorism and disease are a reality and must be considered by event planners. By sharing best practices gained through their experiences, this panel addresses new challenges, and investigates the impact these have on the corporate meetings industry.

How to navigate compliance

The MICE industry is facing more stringent corporate approval processes and compliance is becoming a growing challenge for conference professionals. This session will address the latest issues and developments in this area, including strategic meetings management (SMM). Expert speakers discuss how technology can assist event organizers with regulatory restrictions and guidelines and share advice on best practices.

Make your event live: increasing engagement via social media

The growth and evolution of social media has made our lives and businesses hyper-connected. This talk will specifically explore how social media is influencing the creation and organization of events.

• Brief overview on social media, internationally and locally
• The effects of Social Media in the events industry
• Recommendations and advices on social media marketing
• Success stories & conclusion

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Knowledge theater: sponsorship

Finding the perfect partner

Event sponsorship can be critical to success. Definition of goals, target-setting and ROI are important issues to maximize the sponsorship opportunity from pre event to post event. How can planners attract the right corporate sponsor to offset costs and alleviate budget constraints? What should you be requesting in return for your dollar?

This session is dedicated to expert opinion on finding the perfect partner and will focus on the best ways to keep sponsors satisfied to increase chances of a return commitment.

Knowledge theater: content building

Building a memorable event

• What is good content?
• New content technologies - how is this going to be help us as event planners?
• Event planning is also emotional planning - now that we can track them, how will content be improved by the data?

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Data and the regulatory minefield

A common truism holds that more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race; and this has obvious implications on the MICE sector. How can we keep data safe and secure while navigating the regulatory minefield that occurs across such a politically diverse region as Asia? What are the best practices to balancing data integrity and cyber security with swift delivery of services to our clients? What do companies need to do to ensure that they are always prepared and alert to threats?

Managing events in emerging destinations—case studies

Planning an event in an emerging destination can be a daunting prospect for meeting planners, but with a reliable local partner and a bit of insider knowledge, it can be a fresh and rewarding experience. Experts share their first-hand experiences on the opportunities and pitfalls of hosting an event in one of the region’s emerging MICE destinations.

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Why technology is essential to make your event stand out

How technology, events and neuroscience make for long lasting impressions and brand awareness? Our speaker will demonstrate a 3D interactive presentation and you will have the chance to experience the most recent technological innovations in this session, some already at work in MICE industry, and all promising to make waves in the future.

The next generation of events: engaging attendees in new ways

In recent years the industry has been focused on two major trends: innovative meeting design strategy and the rise of event technology. The future of the industry will depend on the ability to engage attendees in more creative, multidisciplinary ways. This session will investigate current trends and millennial demands in order to form predictions on what we can expect from the future of business events.

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Cocktails on the Aqua Luna II

After a full day of conference sessions and networking, wind down with us aboard Hong Kong's iconic Aqua Luna II, compliments of Hong Kong Tourism Board. Enjoy cocktails and relax to breathtaking views of the city and harbour.

A free connection bus will leave at the front gate of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at 5:00pm. Contact conference reception to get your boarding pass!

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