CEI welcome address

Opening remarks from CEI Asia's editor, Surekha Ragavan.

Hong Kong Tourism Board's opening speech


Let's get personal, making your content meaningful.

In the era of personalisation, how can content match individual needs? How is context applied? How does culture and localisation play a part in personlised content? So much of the value of content is tied to how it can drive change and affect perceptions. So we ask: How can we make content meaningful?

THE POWER OF A MOMENT:Brand experience in the WangHong era

 Brand experience: imagining + making brand moments  The WangHong era: shifting perceptions of luxury & lifestyle  From KOL to WangHong: trends in the use of influencers  The WangHong phenomenon in figures  WangHong-related lifestyle keywords  Influence of WangHong phenomenon on the events industry  Creating value through events: partnership between brands & their agencies

Morning refreshments


Where is the industry going in 20(20)?

The past year has seen a flurry of M&A activities on the global scene as well as some rapid expansion into a few markets in Asia. Yet there may be fewer certainties in the market currently with the ongoing trade war between US and China, and the question arises on how this would affect the events industry. How can the independents compete in this crowded market? Are they better off with an exit strategy?

AI: Personalisation and the future of extraordinary experiences

AI is already here, in our games, maps, apps and chats. It will transform everything it touches and is about to disrupt the world of live events and experiences. Find out how it will change what we do and how we do it. And how you can use this mysterious mix of machine learning, big data and more to create extraordinary, personalised experiences for your clients and customers. Rory will illustrate AI’s potential through real-world examples of its uses to date, giving insight into where the opportunities are for AI’s application within the event industry.

Networking lunch


An immersive and interactive technology driven session to promote corporate wellness


Focus on luxury, wellbeing and wellness

Luxury events go beyond five-star hardware and fancy gala dinners. These days, delegates expect events to fit around their lifestyles - bringing wellness to the forefront. How far can planners go to incorporate this trend into meetings and events? Does this only mean green juices and post-meeting massages - or does the concept of wellness and luxury go beyond that.

Step up your audience engagement game


Afternoon refreshments


Building brands together

- Principles of partnership between brand & agency
- WM Motor brand story
- Delivering brand experience to consumers

Attracting and retaining the best industry talent

Few would disagree that event industry professionals are multitaskers working under the most stressful circumstances, but it should not deter young talent from entering the field. An event industry-specific degree may help open some doors but how much of the skills required can be taught, and how much of it is street smart? As school leavers ponder over the right course to enrol in, employers and mid-career professional thinking about further education are mulling over the value of investing in paper qualifications.

End of conference


Cocktail Night - Sparkle with IHG

1/F, Function room, InterContinental Hong Kong (Transportation will be provided)

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